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Ten Cups Golf Center
Ten Cups Golf has decided to move to cyberspace. Grass grows much more slowly, less mowing gives owner more time to hit virtually great shots.

Ten Cups; the esoteric alternative
(512) 590-4921

Home of Ten Cups Man
Fossilized remains of paleolithic golfer unearthed at Ten Cups.

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Ten Cups Golf Center
Maybe the finest third rate goat pasture in cyberspace

Golf's Containment Theory And The Nonsense Zone
by David Fineg
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Golf's Containment Theory and the Nonsense Zone


Success is measured by how many times you've helped other people
Not how many times you've helped yourself

The Ten Cups Semi Pro Shop

If we are not the best, we are the hippest. Meditate by the pond after a few buckets or listen to some Jazz at the Semi Pro Shop while reading some of David's articles from the Ten Cups Reference Library. (They're actually his rants but don't tell him I said that)

Practice in serenity while taking in beautiful Texas vistas. Those towers in the distance are the scaffolding for the 200 ft. high hand painted mural of the setting sun, which we put up, on overcast days like these.

419 Tiff?
You'll be hitting on lush 419 Tiff.
Our putting green is just behind the pond.

Ah come on
Meet our Mascot "Niblick" (Scottish for 9 iron) .
Beware, she may just be lulling you into a false sense of security with that pose.
If she's not in the mood, touching her could cost you your golf swing.

Dr. Go in the Hole
Our director of golf instruction and head golf professional; Dr. Goen Tholl Ph.G

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Bud "Flag" Zenswing's Rants

Golf is Fun. Why aren't you having any?
How often do you find yourself leaving the golf course, after having spent about $50.00 and 5 hours of your valuable leisure time, gripping the steering wheel so hard you almost tear it off the steering column?   Read More.....

Containment Theory
Containment theory is simply the application of certain aspects of Zen philosophy — to golf. You must stay "contained" in order to play golf effectively.  Read More.....

The Fifteen Levels Of Golf
Golf is the game for a lifetime. It can (will) take you all that time to achieve your potential in this sport.   Read More.....

You Donít Need Any Golf Lessons
and some other stuff you either do not know or refuse to accept   Read More.....

More Blind Insight on Golf
The fastest (and surest) way to lower your score from the onset of your golfing career, is to play from a teebox closer to the green.   Read More.....

The Decline of Golf
I do not know who coined the phrase "The Tiger Woods effect". I believe this person intended that the phrase be used to describe the immense increase in the number of people coming to the game of golf. Tiger is so phenomenally talented that many people have decided to take up the sport. This fact should be something to rejoice. It will prove to be a mixed blessing, at best. There will be profound effects on the game, as well as the business, of golf.  Read More.....

Golf's Big Dog
As one of the "fore-most" golf historians, I can tell you that golfers had figured out very early on, one important fact. The distance a golf club could hit a golf ball, was inversely proportional with it's importance to the score.  Read More.....

Golf's 3 Noble Truths, Concepts to maximize the potential for improvement and enjoyment
Golf is an interesting game. It parallels life. It can tune you up, or tear you down. Golf is easy. It gives you exactly what you ask for, every time, without any argument.   Read More.....

The Origin of FORE!
Ah, this takes me back. In one of my previous incarnations, I was a member of the early earls, an irish bowling team, that invented the game of golf.   Read More.....

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Free Practice Morning, Noon, and Night

Women can practice for free from
9-10 AM, 12 noon-1 PM, and 9-10 PM
every day of the week except Saturday.

Video: Why Women Should Be In Charge

ConTenplation Cup

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

What lies behind us
and what lies before us
are tiny matters compared
to what lies within us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Purity almost always makes power and power almost never does
Bud "Flag" Zenswing

Owner Profile

David Fineg ( a.k.a  Bud "Flag" Zenswing ) is the owner, operator, chief ball picker/washer, head sod buster, senior lawn jockey, resident engineer and wannabe writer.

I hope you enjoy the words and pictures. If you would like to help me do more for your enjoyment, please don't hesitate to donate to my production costs at the button below. And, Thanks Again for visiting.